Live the Legend of Norway

We have been the spirit of Norway since 1893, caring for its coast and inviting the world to travel our home as a local. Come and sail The Coastal Express, our original historic route that shaped our nation. Or embark with us on new sailings, The North Cape Express and The Svalbard Express that stay longer in ports handpicked by us for you.

There’s still time to sail along the beautiful Norwegian coast or to the Arctic islands of the Svalbard archipelago this season with Hurtigruten.

Save up to 30% on Norwegian coastal voyages departing from now until March 2025 when you book before June 16, 2024.

12 Day Roundtrip Voyage from Bergen

Embark on a 12-day Norwegian coastal cruise, travelling northbound and southbound, embracing Norway’s fjords and mountains. With 34 port calls and two Arctic Circle crossings across 2,500 nautical miles, it's the ultimate scenic journey. Marvel at over 100 fjords and 1,000 mountains year-round. Experience an Arctic expedition, increasing chances of witnessing the Northern Lights in winter or basking in 24-hour daylight during summer's Midnight Sun. Customize your adventure with optional hikes and seasonal excursions, enriching your coastal exploration.

FROM $1,575 USD


16 Days Svalbard Express

Full Voyage

Embark on a modern rendition of our historic 1968 voyage aboard the newly refurbished MS Trollfjord. Journey along Norway’s scenic coast to Spitsbergen, the largest of Svalbard’s islands. Witness the Midnight Sun on this unique Far North itinerary, mirroring our original sailing to Svalbard. Delve into Norway’s coast and culture with exclusive excursions in 16 meticulously selected destinations. Indulge in exquisite cuisine, personalized service, and enhanced onboard activities onboard.

FROM $4,286 USD


The Svalbard Express

Southbound | Longyearbyen to Bergen

Begin your adventure in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, embracing life on the Arctic frontier. Then, board MS Trollfjord for a southbound journey, linking mainland Norway with Svalbard, at the world's edge. Delight in Nordic cuisine and drinks on board. Explore quaint coastal communities both on mainland Norway and Svalbard, with a range of locally run optional excursions. Experience Norway's summer in its full glory, reveling in 24-hour daylight from the radiant Midnight Sun throughout the season.

FROM $3,302 USD


The North Cape Express:

Half Voyage

Departing from Tromsø, explore the stunning Norwegian coast to North Cape, Europe's peak, then return to Bergen. Sail aboard the exquisite MS Trollfjord, revamped in 2023 to embody fjord beauty. Discover diverse coastal communities and partake in optional seasonal excursions. Between September and March, the sky becomes the backdrop for the Northern Lights to twist and weave their magic through the sky. The inspiration of our legends and of our Northern Lights Promise.

FROM $2,079 USD